Baklava with delicate feelings

For Marhaf Homsi, far from his home in Syria, baking is the highest form of love.

Before Marhaf and his wife, Nawal Wardeh, fled Syria, the couple owned a bakery in the city of Hama for more than 30 years—often producing 1000 kilograms of pastries per week.
Opening at dawn, and closing at midnight, the bakery teemed with friends and customers—many coming from miles away to buy their famous sweets.
Baklava, their most popular product, was always handmade with slow tenderness. The dough given a chance to breathe, the walnuts laid to rest.
The ingredients taking the time to love each other.

In the summer of 2016, Marhaf and Nawal moved to Bayridge in Brooklyn—and are looking to continue their lifelong passion here.

January 2018: come visit and taste at Best of Brooklyn Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival Industry City, January 27th.


Custom orders welcome! You can order online here for our classic products. If you need large quantities or special requests, please email us (syriansweetrefuge[at]gmail[dot]com) and we will try to make it work. We bake each batch one pan at a time so advance notice appreciated. We will also do our best to offer delivery options for larger orders for Brooklyn and Manhattan. sweet-refuge-initial-list

handmade walnut baklava– flakey, packed full with 100% hand-chopped chunky walnuts and only lightly sweetened- is our main product. No peanuts, no semolina, no preservatives. If no walnuts desired we do pecans, hazelnuts or pistachios in 32 or 50-peice quantities.

handmade ‘issheh baklava. Classic layers of lightly sweet fillo filled with a homemade cheese made from skimming the top layer off cooled milk. Available for direct purchase, special events, or online during winter months.

handmade kunafa, a fine filo vermicelli pastry with melted homemade sweet cheese (issheh) core.Best served warm!

handmade date-stuffed cookies (mamoul): mahlab-flavored crumbly cookies, packed into a wooden mold and stuffed with with a homemade date filling, spiced with cinnamon.

handmade pistachio stuffed cookies (karabij): mahlab-flavored crumbly cookies single-batch dough, packed into a mold and stuffed with with a homemade 100% pistachio filling. Also, on request: walnut-stuffed cookies (karabij), anise-sesame cookies.

handmade birma  (baklava fingers), airy, crunchy filo around a thick core of walnuts. individual and boxes

handmade savories; zaatar&cheese fingers, muhammara (red pepper and walnut and pomegranate syrup)& savory black sesame seed, cumin.

We are a registered business with a current NYC food handlers certificate and NY state tax certificate, registered to sell our baked goods online or in person – made at home or in a commercial kitchen. We also hold a valid NYC temporary food service establishment license (for markets).

(c) Syrian Sweet Refuge 2017